Cosmic Trifle

Cosmic Trifle are a filk/folk quartet combining the talents of Valerie Housden, Silke Kovar, Zander Nyrond and Chris "The Magician" O'Shea.


First formed in 1999 with slightly different personnel as Just Plain Folk, the band has gone from strength to strength (with, admittedly, some fairly long gaps in between strengths) and while it would not be true to say that we've had more performances than rehearsals, geography has tended to get in the way a bit.

All of us are multi-instrumentalists, but you'll probably find Zander most comfortable hiding behind a keyboard (which he might even be playing), while Chris or Valerie draws magical melody from the strings of a guitar and Silke's violin weaves a web of wonder over the whole. We also all sing, and we all write songs, though the occasional cover creeps in there.

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