Lyrics Janet Waite/ Tune Zander Nyrond



Dark magic, musicmaker, weave your song for me,
Turn the crystal in the mindflame, set the spirit free,
Cast your liquid net of lightning, let the power be,
Show us how the joy is growing in your melody.


Light magic, musicmaker, conjure song in flame,
Stone will lend a deeper power, stone will give her name,
Shape the soulsound of the ocean on your harp of bone,
Coral deep and jade in wisdom bear the spirit tone.


Still magic, musicmaker, carve your words in air,
Fire is bold, bright and brittle, songs it will not share,
Melody is swift as water, keener than the blood of life,
Power comes if you would call it, music is the surest knife.


Deep magic, musicmaker, summon sound and fly,
Where the will is strong and subtle, song shall never die,
Bring your giving gift in moonlight, let the circle form,
Harvest time within the windsong, keeper of the storm.


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