There is no "official" Cosmic Trifle studio album (yet), but this doesn't mean you can't listen to us!

We are here, there and wherever.

For instance:




To the landing (2009)



Blow for freedom (2011)



(both instrumental)


The filk of human kindness, futeurised (re-recorded 2011)



and others:


- all available on Bandcamp -



Made by magic (with Kathy Mar)

The toad/ Ancient sky (tape with Talis Kimberley)



- all out of print -





Lady in veils (tape, out of print)

Voices going West (2000, with the n'Early Music Consort)



- available at -


She is currently planning to record more songs,

and she also has a Youtube page:





Umwege (2002, with Milchstraßenstreuner)



Briefe aus der Unendlichkeit (2006, with Milchstraßenstreuner)



Nachtcafé (2012)



- all available at -



Besides, Silke has a Bandcamp page ...


... and a Youtube page that has some CT videos, too:




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