Valerie won the Pegasus Award, category "Best Space Song" 2020 for her wonderful song about women in space, "Following in Valentina's Footsteps".

Congratulation! We are over the moon.


You can find the lyrics on our lyrics page and several performances on Youtube, probably.

Definitely on Valerie's Youtube page and on Silke's Youtube page.




In 2021/2022, our very own Chris "The Magician" O'Shea was/will be The British Guest of Honour at the UK filkcon "Long Play"!! (Yay and congrats!)


The bad news is that it did not happen in real life and in person in 2021, due to The Plague.

The good news is that it happened online, so we could all watch and listen without even having to leave our socially distanced sofas (yay again!) and that the in-person-experience will happen in 2022.


Update: No, it won't! We are still hoping for the in-person-experience to happen some time. Maybe 2023?



In general, sometimes we are somewhere.

Possibly where people want to or have to listen to us - we play concerts, or we help out in our friends' concerts.


After Zander's/Zanda's unexpected death things have changed, of course.

But there are still places where you can find Zan's (enormeous) creative output, like Lulu, Bandcamp, and Patreon.


A Memory Page has been created on Bandcamp and is a work in progress: Please feel free to contact Silke if you'd like to contribute!



You can even listen to two short readings (a Goethe poem and an original) here:

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