Mina's Song

Lyrics & tune Zander Nyrond



They tell me I am alright now.

They tell me I can go out in the sun.

They tell me the mark is gone from my brow.

They tell me the battle is won.

So why do I feel betrayed and alone

when I lie with my husband at night?

Why am I no longer happy

just being alright?


They tell me I am alright now.

They tell me I have beaten the curse.

They tell me that I was enslaved to the devil,

in danger of death or far worse.

So why do I long for the keenness of senses

made dull by the sun's cruel light?

Why can I not be content

to be merely alright?


Two old foreign men have fought to the death

over me, and the older man lost.

And now I am saved, and with every breath

I count the unbearable cost.

For a moment I've seen what my life could have been,

but I'll never know freedom again,

just a nightmare unending

of wise, condescending,

complacent, contemptible men.


They tell me that he was a demon.

They tell me he killed men for play.

But I saw the sadness and pain in his eyes

that only true death washed away.

The other man talked about souls now at peace,

but he only lived for the fight.

And now there is nothing to be

except simply alright.


I could have been ageless, immortal and fair

and joined my dark prince in his flight.

But now he is dead, and I,

I am simply alright.

Condemned to a short, bitter lifetime

of being alright.



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