Lyrics Zander Nyrond/ Tune Chris O'Shea



If you seek me you will find me

in the land where lost things go,

where there's nothing to remind me

of the world I used to know,

where the forest is a garden

and the soul can never die,

for now am I in Arden

the more fool I.


When I left the world behind me

and the wind took me in hand

there was light enough to blind me

as I crossed into this land

where the stones cried out for pardon

and the flowers wondered why,

and I knew I was in Arden,

the more fool I.


If you sought me you have found me

but the quest has cost you dear,

for the light that burns around me

will have robbed you of your fear,

and before your heart can harden

the wind will pull you through,

and you'll join me here in Arden,

the more fool you.


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