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High Drama



Hoofbeats thunder across the plain

As you sight a black sail on the Spanish Main

And the passengers on the runaway train

Are starting to feel a little nervous strain

When you break into the lair of the evil mage

And the giant ape's busting out of his cage

And the kitchen erupts in screams of rage

Because the trainee cook's added too much sage


High drama

Coming to a theatre near you

High drama

Wonder if they'll make it through

High drama

The gang can't agree how to split the take

Going downhill at ninety someone cut the brake

And the vampire count's just about to awake

When you find out you came out without your stake

When the whole Lost Temple begins to shake

And the boss gets poisoned by a clerk on the make

When you're trying to flee from the great earthquake

But you're not gonna make it 'cause you stepped on a rake


High drama

Coming to a theatre near you

High drama

Wonder if you'll make it through

High drama

High drama


Some people just don't know how to relax

Ain't nothing surer than death and tax

(Listen to the sax!)


Some people just need to play it cool

If you get het up over every little thing you're a fool

(Go back to school!)

When the street's jammed solid and you're running late

When you ask for nine doughnuts and they give you eight

When your lunch arrives on a dirty plate

And you pick up a splinter from a packing crate

When you don't like the face of your candidate

And you're even less enchanted by her running mate

And you want to get a gun and overthrow the state'

Cause there's people getting married and they ain't straight


High drama

Coming to a theatre near you

High drama
Wonder if we'll make it through

High drama

Why'd you have to overreact?

High drama

Ain't nothing but a simple fact
(use some tact)

High drama

High drama

High drama

(Who put the drama in the Drama Llama Ding Dong?)


“Tollain says after High Drama we ought to do a song called Low Comedy. I told him it would be a summary of our career to date.”


Suncat grew up on Argenthome, a then UnAffiliated world, the only daughter of a minor landholder who, when Suncat was a teenager, was unexpectedly elevated to the position of Presiding Seigneur. A wild child who did not take to her new social duties, she was sent to Miss Ganticold’s finishing school on Durdemang, where she met Kaichang Belgardis and Verneen Halannim and formed the group which would become the Truesingers.

After her expulsion, Suncat took her friends back to Argenthome and they embarked on a semi-professional career singing folk songs and standards. They hit a bump when Suncat publicly endorsed Affiliation on stage, but the experience tempered their resolve and they pursued, and soon gained, offworld recognition. The rest is history...


Sir Cantaloupe and the Wuzzle



The Queen called for Sir Cantaloupe, the bravest of the brave,

"Sir Knight," she said, "'t is only you can fetch us what we crave.

We dearly wish a Wuzzle from the forests to the north,

And so, Sir Knight, we charge you to ride forth."

Sir Cantaloupe was bound to heed his sovereign's lightest word.

She told him to ride forth, but he was keen, so he rode third.


He galloped through the castle gate at the dawning of the day

And went to find a Wuzzle, come what may.

"This Wuzzle is a puzzle I can't read.

I must have help to solve it with all speed.

I shall ride without delayTo the Witch of Westernhay

Perhaps she'll have the knowledge that I need."


On rode Sir Cantaloupe as day turned into night.

He reached the witch's cottage by the full moon's eerie light.

She gave him tea and crumpets and a glass of buttered rum

And then she asked him point blank why he'd come.

Sir Cantaloupe he laid the facts before her fair and square.

"The Queen desires a Wuzzle and to fail I do not dare.

I'm brave and strong and clever, but there's one snag I can see:

I've no clue what a Wuzzle's supposed to be!


Does a Wuzzle need a muzzle? Will it bite?

When I find it will it put up any fight?

Is it beast or fish or bird,

Could I tame it with a word?

Help me out here and I swear I'll see you right."


The witch she proved a fund of information on this theme:

"You can lure it with a ladleful of jasmine-scented steam.

But never seek your Wuzzle when it's coming on to rain

Or the water will just wash it down the drain!"

Sir Cantaloupe took careful notes as she talked on and on,

He left a purse of gold and in the morning he was gone.

He rode into the north woods to seek Wuzzles with a will,

And for all I know he's up there seeking still...


The King inquired "Where is that frightful bore?Has someone been so kind as to start a war?

His discourses made me yawn

I'm relieved to find he's gorn

But I'd like to know just what he's gorn out for."

"Oh, do you mean Sir Cantaloupe?" the Queen said, looking coy.

"I've sent him on a quest that I'm quite certain he'll enjoy.


It's doomed to utter failure, but that's just the kind of test

That your true authentic hero loves the best.

He'll meet with many dangers and he'll do some mighty deeds,

Exactly the employment that a real knight errant needs.

He really wasn't happy moping round here night and day

Naught to do but drink and guzzle

Not a chance to use his muscle

Now he's gone to hunt a Wuzzle

Far away--

Don't thank me dear, thank the Witch of Westernhay!"


Verneen comes from a large family; her parents and elder sisters work as planet-hopping freelance archaeologists, with a sideline as dealers in antiquities. While Verneen shares their love of deep history, she never took to the discipline itself, and as she puts it, “they despaired of me.” It came as a surprise when she discovered in herself a talent for playing the flute, which she has since built upon till she can now play a wide range of wind instruments. This, however, did not seem to her family a sound basis for a future career, so they decided (Verneen’s words again) that “if I was going to be a lady of leisure I should at least learn to do it properly. So they packed me off to Miss Ganticold’s, where I was utterly miserable till I met Kaichang. And then we both met Suncat, and you know the rest.”


What We Never Said


Among the scented flowers

We walked for hours and hours

And talked of this and that

How's your sister, how's your cat

And the talk went on

Till the sun was gone

And I looked into your eyes

As we told our easy lies

Pretending nothing strange was happening

Pretending this was not goodbye...


What we never said

Hangs between us still

As it always did

And it always will

And though time goes by

Like the stars above

All the years ahead

Hold the memory of

What we never said.


It began to rain

As we caught the train

And we laughed as we got in

Shaking raindrops from our skin

And we found a seat

The wheels picked up the beat

And we talked, your hand in mine

As the train sped down the line

And in the torrent of our talking

Somehow the truth got left behind...


What we never said

Dwindled in our wake

'Cause I couldn't give

What you wouldn't take

And it haunts my mind

And won't fade away

That our chance is fled

We can never say

What we never said.


Was it politeness or just fear

That kept the words unspoken?

If I had dared to say it clear

Would my heart now be broken?

Would I be there, would you be here,

Would we have found a way to make it happen?

Make it happen...


And now this city street

Has made my pain complete

For you just passed me by

Didn't even catch my eye

And if I called your name

It would be just the same

You'd greet me with a smile

And we'd stand and talk a while

And neither one of us would break it

The silence louder than a scream...


What we never said

It would still remain

For the chance we had

Won't come round again

And though I might dream

Of the things I'd do

All my dreams are dead

I can't say to you...

What we never said

Has grown much too wide

Couldn't cross it now

Even if we tried.

It would snap the thread

Of our destinyI can't face the dread

That you might say to me...
(rpt chorus 1)


Take No Prisoners


Hoist the black flag, let it run, let it catch the wind

Ready all hands, man the guns

'Cause we're taking no prisoners this day

Never let a prize slip away

There lies a ship, full of gold, fat and wallowing,

Stand by to board, strip the hold,

Let the sailors all plead for their lives,

Make sure not a man jack survives.


Take no prisoners

Give no quarter

Spare no man or maiden

No son or daughter

Show no mercy

To the living

What we've done already's

Far past forgiving

Take no prisoners.


Don your glad rags, paint your face, find your dancing shoes,

Stepping out proud to the place

'Cause you're taking no prisoners tonight

Going where the feeling is right

Taking the floor, make 'em stare, make 'em cry for you

Never let slip that you care

That you're fighting this war deep inside

Never let 'em see what you hide.


Take no prisoners

Give no quarter

Spare no man or maiden

No son or daughter

Show no mercy

To your lovers

From the pain you've known

No-one recovers


Take no prisoners.

There's treasure to be found if you are strong enough

And though the game is rough

It does no good to whine.

There's pleasure to be had if you can act real tough

Get out and strut your stuff

And you'll be fine.


Take no prisoners

Give no quarter

Spare no man or maiden

No son or daughter

Show no mercy

In your dealings

Never show them

That you've got feelings

Take no prisoners.

Take no prisoners.

Take no prisoners!

Could You Even Try?

Birds awake and greet the morning
With songs of joy and praise
Sunlight hits my bedroom window
And breaks into coloured rays.
Rising from the bed I turn and
Regard you as you sleep
I am filled with life and energy
You’re still fathoms deep.
If I were to dance in the garden
Until the sun was high,
Would you wake and join me joyfully?
Could you even try?
Could you even try?

Breakfast done, you take a book and
Retire to your armchair.
I’m content to stand in the doorway
And breathe the outer air.
Far away the paths are winding
To places I’ve never been
Out beyond the hills and valleys
Are sights I’ve never seen.
If I were to go out walking
Across the hilltops high,
Would you come and be my companion?
Could you even try?
Could you even try?

You are you and I am me
And that’s the way I like it
But if there’s a happy medium
It might be nice to strike it...
(just once in a while)

Home I come to find the house is
As clean as clean can be
And there are laid my favourite dishes
You made them just for me.
Afterwards between the covers
We lie as lovers do
And once again I’m falling happily
Into the bliss of you.
How have I deserved your loving?
Oh how, and when, and why?
Could you be a little less perfect?
Could you even try?
Could you even try?


GESTALT and Truesingers will be touring again early next year with all new songs and introducing some very special new friends:
the Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra with their conductor Andrei Ostrowski.
You will not believe what you hear -
Watch this space!




See me inside me inside me inside...

Cute little Russian doll, infinite mother

Carry your offspring one inside the other

Yellow and scarlet and emerald and blue

Each one is different and each one is you

Tell me matryoshka, would you rather keep

All of your daughters hid snugly and deep?

Do you feel pain when I split you in two

And cry for your children exposed to my view?

No, you are stoical under your shawl

These violations don't faze you at all

You have been opened by others before

Your seal is long broken, your secrets no more


Oh matryoshka, how can you bear

To have all your layers exposed to the air?

How can you stay so calm and serene

Knowing that all that you are

Can so easily be seen?


Cute little Russian doll, my faithful friend

Maybe your way is the best in the end

Having no secrets means nothing to lose

Yet I couldn't walk for a mile in your shoes

(I assume there are shoes)

Yet there's a secret you hide nonetheless

Safely concealed in traditional dress

How to hold on to your identity

When you're at the mercy of people like me
Oh matryoshka, don't you long to be free?


Kaichang does not talk about her past. All that is known is that she grew up on an agri-colony world, from which she was sent to Miss Ganticold’s with sponsorship from a religious order. It was there that she discovered the two grand passions of her life; music, and Verneen.
“I don’t make friends easily,” she says, “but when I met Verneen it was like I had discovered a missing piece of myself. She helped me to open up to other people, and when she fell for Suncat I just found myself doing the same. We quickly became inseparable, and music was part of the bond we discovered, so it was only natural we should form a group.”
Kaichang taught herself the guitar “just because it was what we needed.” Now an acknowledged mistress of the axe, she lends the Truesingers the edge that makes them more than just a folk trio.


Last Look Back


Pausing, I turn on the brow of the hill

To take a last look at my childhood

The silver-spun river that powered the mill

The browns and the greens of the wildwood

The gold of the fields and the roofs of red clay

Of the houses, the grey of the steeple

And moving among them, intent on their day,

The bright busy bugs that are people.


And I see that my village has grown to a town

The woods and the fields gone to feed it

The river is dammed and the steeple torn down

Why not? After all, who would need it?

The people all ride on the train every day

To work in a faraway city

And slowly my birthplace gives in to decay

With no-one to mourn or to pity.


And I turn and walk on up the road and I leave

The wreck of my childhood behind me

I don't know what I'll find, but I don't want to grieve

So I'll look for a place...

That won't ever remind me.


“Tollain’s been very keen to, er, enhance our music with bells and whistles and all those things he does so well. Luckily we have Kaichang. I’ve never seen anyone jump on to a wardrobe from a standing start before. And he’s only little.”


First formed in SA 839 (Argenthome local 2410), the Trusingers (who abandoned the eccentric spelling before their first paying gig) started out as a hobby for three bored and rebellious schoolgirls. Their first album, Bring Ye Ballads Fair, was produced under the auspices of the Broadfields Folk Song Society in SA 841, and did well enough to finance their second, Truesingers, which included two songs of their own composition. The third album, Out And About, was entirely self-composed, and appeared in SA 844, after the group had suffered a spell in the political wilderness on Argenthome. They then joined up with Tollain Kintarsh to form Gestalt, but maintain their own identity as a “band-within-a-band.”
Truesingers are Suncat (lead vocals and percussion), Verneen (flute, saxophone, recorder and vocals) and Kaichang (guitar, axe, bass and vocals). Doma Telinzy was a member early in the group’s history, playing synths and drums, but left to pursue a solo career after only one year.




First Voice:

Under every conversation

They run fast and deep

Ready to sweep

Ready to sweep me away

I can't tell how the currents flow

I can't tell which way they're going to go


Undercurrents, hidden from the light of the day

Under every word and gesture

Hidden meanings lieI don't know why

I don't know why they are there

But sooner or later I'll make a slip

Lose my footing and feel the current's grip

Undercurrents, dragging me away who knows where.


Second Voice:

All I say is all I mean

All I mean is all I say

Nothing here that can't be seen

Nothing hidden

Nothing hidden

Stupid games I don't have time to play...)


Why is it you're so suspicious

Doubt my every word?

Haven't you heard

Haven't you heard what I said?

You see currents where there are none

Multiple meanings when there is only one

Undercurrents, and they're all inside of your head.


Third Voice (over First and Second Voices reprising "All I say is all I mean..."):

Are you really so transparent

Innocent of the lying game?

Check yourself before you answer



Run through all our minds, we're all the same...



Under all our surface thinking

Deep desires abound

Swirling around

Swirling around in our souls

Shape our words though we never guess

Drag away at our consciousness

Undercurrents, driving us on to the shoals.

It's not enough just to swim away

Post a sign for another day

Undercurrents, long as you can tell where they be...

Undercurrents, needn't make you scared of the sea.

A Desperate Lark


It's a desperate lark but I think we can do it

With you by my side, well I know we'll get through it okay

Tell me what do you say?

We'll swing on a vine 'cross the bottomless chasm

And swipe precious stones from whichever fool has 'em and then

We'll swing back again


Oh, won't you come for a desperate lark

Oh won't you dance for a while in the dark

Dance in the dark


It's a desperate lark but I think we can risk it

If Cerberus barks we'll just give him a biscuit or three

One for each head, you see

We'll hitch us a ride on the infernal ferry

Grab as many dead souls as the ferry can cerry and then

Back to daylight again


Oh, won't you come on a desperate lark

Oh won't you spend a whole night in the park

Locked in the park


It's a desperate lark but I've thought it all over

I've got this great plan in which you play my lover and we

Buy a house by the sea

We'll work at whatever there is to be done

And when we're not working there's bound to be fun to be had

And we'll never be sad

(well, not too often)


Oh, won't you come on a desperate lark

Now, before we go into the dark

Oh, won't you come on a desperate lark

Quick, before we go into the dark...(repeat and fade out)

“You always wonder, going on tour with a new album, will this be the one that falls flat on its stupid face and finishes us? So I decided on the pirate outfit. That way, they’ll be too scared not to applaud.”

Make It Home


In the light of burning boats

We stand naked on the shore

And we look into each other's eyes

And know we are alone,

And we cannot know nor guess

What the future holds in store;

This is a strange land,will we ever make it home?


When the storm was at its height

And we feared our hour had come,

That the spirits of the sea would take

And claim us for their own,

Then I prayed to all the gods

Till my lips with cold grew numb:

"Let us find land, let my people make it home."


There is much in this new land to fill our hearts with fear,

There is reason to believe we are not wanted here...

But my crew must eat and drink

And in sleep must close their eyes,

Without fear that some wild beast aprowl

Will gnaw them to the bone,

So we shall stay here for a time

By what means we can devise,

This is not our land,

But some day we shall make it home.


The trees fall to the axe, the beasts fall to the spear,

And one day we discover there are people here...


We have dwelt here for a time

And the land has shaped our lives

And my crew has grown accustomed

To this shore where we were thrown,

And they would not now be reft

From their homes and from their wives...


This is not our land,

But somehow we have made it home.

It is not our land

But now I know we've made it home.


“I think by the time we got to Make It Home Kaichang was feeling sorry for me, ‘cause she just said oh go on then. So I bunged everything in there that I’d wanted to put in all the other songs. If you listen carefully at about 2:48, you can actually hear the kitchen sink.”
--Tollain Kintarsh


Pull Back, Roll Credits



So here we are

And now you've had your say,

And no-one will deny

That you've fairly won the day.

It's been a long hard journey

But you finally saw it through

And now there's only one thing left to do...



Pull back, roll credits,

The good guys saved the world.

The villains were defeated

And the hero's got the girl.

And if you pull back far enough

There's a chance that you won't see,

That someone in the cast's not smiling...

And it's me.


I know the rules

I know how stories go.

The hero makes a journey

And he fights a deadly foe.

And when he's gone to all that trouble

And risked his very life

He deserves the happy ending, and the wife...


Pull back, roll credits,

The final music swells

With trumpets, strings and timpani

And of course there must be bells,

And if they play it loud enough

To shake the chandeliers

It might just drown the quiet sound

Of my tears.

And how supremely churlish

And ill-mannered would it be

To break the mood of triumph

And say "Hey, what about me?"

And how the other players

Would stare at me in shame

If I didn't keep my place and play the game...


So take your prize

This trophy that you've won.

We've got to the denouement

And now this story's done.

But there are other stories

And some day soon you'll learn

That I can be a hera in my turn...



Yes, pull back, roll credits,

But just for now, my friend,

And put a little question mark

On the end of "The End"....(key change!)


Pull back, roll credits,

That's what we always do,

And then let's have a party

And talk about part two

.I've got some neat ideas to pitch

A whole new storyline...

It's my turn to save the world,

My turn to get the girl,

And I know that on my own I'll do just fine...

The next one's mine!


“Verneen was not happy about being given the lead to sing on the last track. She kept saying ‘I’m not a lead singer, I’m not a lead singer.’ I had to offer to sing it myself in the end. That did it.”
--Orville Torres


Produced by: Tollain Kintarsh (“Yes!”) and
Kaichang Belgardis (“NO!!”)
Engineered by: Korynn Mitwoch
Recorded and mixed down at Gestalt’s own studio in the beautiful Riversmeet meinie, Argenthome.

Verneen plays a 1300-year-old galdwood
flute made by the Sehani people on Olve,
a culture now extinct.
Suncat plays a pink plastic tambourine
she’s had since she was five.
Kaichang plays some guitars.
And we all sing.

Orville Torres: bass, backing vocals
Tollain Kintarsh: drums, backing vocals
Korynn Mitwoch: piano, synth

Sandomar, for beautiful guitars
Derwent—he knows why
Cass Dwyer, for the bios
Suncat’s dad
Verneen’s parents
Every woman who’s ever fought and
refused to give in
And of course you
Whatever you sing, sing true.

This Booklet:
Lyrics as credited. Bios by Cassivel Dwyer. Image sources as follows:
p. 2, 4 (top), 7: supplied by the band.
p.4 (bottom), 6, 10, 11, 12: from the “Coming To A Theatre” tour, courtesy of Rolf St.Ana, reproduced by permission.
Layout and reproduction: Windyridge Promotions, Argenthome, in association with GN Artist Management.

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