Song for Amanda

Lyrics & tune Zander Nyrond



The home we never knew

was wild and wide with rolling plains

with gentle suns and singing rains

and rivers flowing free,

the home we'll never see

was dry and hard and carved in stone,

a place to wander all alone

and hoard each drop of dew.

We've seen more worlds than we can tell.

If any one was heaven, or hell,

or home, we never knew.


The place from which we came

was full of life and light and song

with trees that flourished tall and strong

and beasts of every kind.

The place we'll never find

was cold and bare and made us wise,

death was the penance, life the prize

in its unending game.

Is it so terrible a crime

if we do not recall the time

and place from which we came?


The life that once was ours

passed peacefully from day to day

till finally it slipped away

into unending sleep,

the life we could not keep

was battle joined with every breath

against the cosmic force of death

and all its fatal powers.

We may have won, we may have lost.

Death's path and ours have seldom crossed,

but life - that once was ours.


The world we'll never know -

and yet we feel within our mind

there must have been one, lost behind

the multiverse's curve,

the world we don't deserve,

and yet to suspect gods we pray

that we will come to it some day

and feel it to be so.

Or else, down endless ages hurled,

forever travelling from world

to world, we'll never know.

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