Afraid of the Dark

Lyrics & tune Valerie Housden



Stray force knocked you out of the shipping lanes,

you fight to make your ship land.

Passengers are just so much ballast,

things don't always go quite as planned.

Three suns burning down brightly

on the chosen few who survive

and now look to you as their captain

and hope that you will get them home alive.


But in the night there are demons,

voices crying in the wind,

screaming out their verdict,

they know that you sinned.

Searching in the blackness

you bear Cain's own mark.

Do you fear approaching nightfall?

Are you afraid of the dark?


Fetters, blindfolds and horse bit,

the beast is chained but still aware.

He knows you're scared to go near him,

he's waiting until you dare.

He hears the haunting whispers,

they can tear you all apart,

knows they're more deadly than he is -

he waits for the dying to start.


For in the night there are demons,

voices calling in the black,

pinpointing their target,

making their attack,

following the blood scent

extinguishing life's spark,

they all come out with nightfall.

Are you afraid of the dark?


Total eclipse, total darkness falls,

you need his eyes to see you through,

but can you trust him as you need to,

as the others have put their trust in you?

Battlefield doctors call it triage,

but when he kills, murder first degree,

when you pulled that handle for purging,

did you become just like he?


But in the night there are demons,

a danger to all life,

teeth sharp as razors,

talons like a knife.

His eyes modified for blackness,

alternatives are stark,

he sees what comes at nightfall.

Are you afraid of the dark?


In the night there are demons

calling in the night,

sapping all your spirit,

yet still you fight,

lost souls in the darkness

with the children of Cain's mark,

you battle on through nightfall.

Are you afraid of the dark?


In the never ending nightfall,

are you afraid of the dark?

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