Jonathan's Song

Lyrics & tune Zander Nyrond



I did my part, I fought the evil,

claimed my reward, my own true love.

Just as in tales we learn as children.

How could I know our tale was over

and his touch, his kiss had turned her heart away from me,

my life, my love wer nothing to her now?

For I am mortal, and that is never enough.


And now I play the role of husband,

pretend to be contented with my lot.

She plays the wife almost too perfectly,

and underneath we burn and rot because

my flesh, my blood, they fill her with revulsion,

her lusts, her dreams, they fill my heart with fear.

For I am mortal, and that can never be enough.


We thought the horror over when we cut off the monster's head,

destroyed his body and left him there among the dead.

How could we know his power? How could we help to be misled?

From far beyond the grave he held us to him by a thread,

and though we tried to heal the madness in the land where we were bred,

his marks though now invisible remain where're his creatures fed

and all the crosses, all the garlic, all the prayers devoutly said

can never break his hold on me.


And in the night we lie together,

we never speak, in silence we combine.

She hardly moves, her eyes unfocussed,

she has her dreams and I have mine and when

she cries for him I close my eyes and long for

his pets, his brides, my mistresses in blood.

For she is mortal, and that can never be enough.


And so we live alone for all our lifetimes,

our loves, our lives destroyed by our own hands.

For we are mortal, and that can never be enough.

We're only mortal, how could that ever be enough?

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